Meditation classes at Bridge Wellness Center will help you reset and prepare you to face any challenges that you may be currently dealing with.

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Our Meditation Instructor


Domenic Loro is a Meditation teacher, Usui Reiki Healer and Bridge Interfaith Services board member. With over 24 years of meditation practice, he is currently working towards his Reiki Master certification. Dom donates all of his time as the host of the Bridge Wellness Center’s Empowerment Meditation classes. These guided meditations are organically created in the moment, taking the attendees on a different journey every time. Dom believes meditation may be the most important exercise a person can incorporate in their daily routine. Through meditation practice, we arrive at the very same destination every spiritual practice attempts to bring us: into the present moment.

Domenic Loro

Meditation teacher & usui reiki healer

Our Meditation Classes

$10 per person. All proceeds go directly to nonprofit Bridge Interfaith Services.

Guided Empowerment Meditation

All proceeds go directly to nonprofit Bridge Interfaith Services. Dom never does the same meditation class twice, and he organically creates every session in the immediate moment, taking the attendees on an inner journey of empowerment.

1 hour: $150,  1.5 hour: $200 

Group Introduction to Meditation

Dom teaches your group an introduction to mindfulness meditation & the basic techniques used in traditional style Zazen (sitting).

Group Empowerment Meditation

After briefly getting to know your group, and a short Dharma talk, Dom will custom tailor & prescribe a meditation to empower all in attendance.

Individual Mindfulness session

Learning to love yourself and others more, through a unique, one on one, Loving-Kindness meditation experience.

This is an 8 week course, consisting of (2) one hour sessions per week : $800

Private Mindfulness Meditation Course

Learn to watch your thoughts in mindfulness, to experience higher levels of your conscious awareness, as you develop an awakening mind.

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