Energy Healing

Dom guides you to a relaxed state in meditation, which naturally incites deeply penetrating, low frequency Delta brain waves. This allows the body to let go of tension, stress and anxiety, bringing every cell into rhythm with the healing process. Using Reiki energy, he helps remove blocks or tension in the body, opens chakras to allow energy to pass, prescribes healing for specific blocks and clears stagnant energy from your aura.

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Our Healers


Domenic Loro is a Meditation teacher, Usui Reiki Healer and Bridge Interfaith Services board member. With over 24 years of meditation practice, he is currently working towards his Reiki Master certification. Dom donates all of his time as the host of the Bridge Wellness Center’s Empowerment Meditation classes. These guided meditations are organically created in the moment, taking the attendees on a different journey every time. Dom believes meditation may be the most important exercise a person can incorporate in their daily routine. Through meditation practice, we arrive at the very same destination every spiritual practice attempts to bring us: into the present moment.

Domenic Loro

Meditation teacher & usui reiki healer

Our Healing Sessions

 Individual 1 hour: $150, Individual 1.5 hour:  $200
       Group 1 hour: $200, Group 1.5 hour: $300

Chakra Awakening

Dom guides you in a Reiki Healing Meditation, custom tailored to open the chakras. Using sound healing, meditative techniques, and Reiki energy, he removes energy field blocks and provides an intuitive reading to help you release stagnant energy.

Group Reiki Workshop

Dom gives your group a brief introduction to Reiki energy healing, allowing the attendees to partner up to discover their own innate abilities to heal. The group is lead in a basic meditative Reiki healing technique they can use to send healing to themselves and others anytime. If you’re interested in pursuing a Reiki certification, this is for you.

Healing Manifestation Course

This course is intended for you to discover your own intuitive & healing abilities, using meditative techniques and Reiki energy. Starting with a discussion on using the universal laws to manifest your desires, Dom leads the group to a healing meditative journey to awaken your access to the divine light within yourself. Nothing is more sacred than the light you hold within.

Sage Wisdom Course

This is a class for individuals seeking answers relating to their own intuitive gifts. The world has hidden the truth in plain sight, and you have the ability to open up your own unique set of gifts, to access ancient wisdom and pursue your highest calling. This course is designed to learn more about Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, empathic abilities, Akashic Records readings and more. Bring an open mind and heart, to discover your true nature.

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